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We exist to create powerful brand films that inspirationally engage your audience.

Our Specialties

We choose to only do a few things. And, we do them well.

We do creative.

We do more than make videos. We immerse ourselves in your brand to capture and then creatively tell your powerful story.

We make brand films.

Short (brand) films done well create a deeper connection with your audience.  These stories effectively engage people wherever they are.

We partner selectively.

We only partner with companies who exist for the benefit of their customers.  Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, we use filmmaking to build trust.


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24 March

New Brand Film: The Forgotten Teens

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Nearly 1 in 5 teens in Central Florida lack access to healthcare.  The Teen Xpress team overcomes this challenge by taking healthcare to teens … literally.  A 40-foot mobile doctor’s office drives from school to school providing many different medical services to teens who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves. Our challenge as […]

12 March

New Film: The Heart of Orangewood

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In 1995, my family uprooted from the Midwest and moved to Orlando. We left all of our family and friends. I hated Florida because I was terribly lonely. I’ve only shared this next part with a few people: I became so depressed I was actively planning to kill myself.  I knew when, where, and how […]

4 March

Why marketing used to disgust me.

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I love marketing because I love story telling. I love marketing because I love impacting people in a way that leaves them better off than before. I love marketing because I love helping good companies be more effective in giving value to their customers. But truth is, I never wanted to be a marketing guy. […]


  • Danny Wuerffel

    “With Desire Street in transition, we’ve had a hard time clearly articulating our vision. Strong Films not only helped us to express it clearly but they also captured the heartbeat of “why” in a very moving way.”

    - Danny Wuerffel